Friday, April 30, 2010

Ahh, memories..

Found these gems while going through my old computer..haha

The day i ate all the pistachios in the house..

The Day we visited the 'cricketer's'.. and this magnificent piece.

The day we first experienced HotDamn..

the days clare and i would spend all our money oppshoping.. wait we still do that.. but not for long, ill miss you clarey!!

The day i cut two dreadlocks out of my hair.

The day the world ended.

The days when kip would steal my jumper.

The Hazbang.. the HVD.. watch out.

spirit fingers.. look at those young faces.

A stop at the maccadamia castle..

The days of learning to drive..

The days of the messy mullet hair..

No way! she does it again! Laura amazes us with her skills for the second time.

Laura likes to show people her rare talent... the ability to defy gravity in doorways and hallways.. pure talent. (I think she's 14 or 15 here ..haa)

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ive been painting for waay too long tonight ... here's what my latest painting is starting to look like.

Friday, April 9, 2010

eye-deers running around in my head

My friend andrew kindly sent me this link, watch it, it sent shivers down my spine, Ive been watching it over and over. Such good illustrations!

Came accross this photo of my brother in my photobooth... thanks for the stunning photo pat..

Ive also been working hard to get some art finished, this is one im still working on..

half way there.

soo gooood. and two for the price of one! thankyou JB!

While artmaking and procrastinating Ive been playing this on repeat, its such a nice album.

and in other news.....

this is my last weekend working in the take-away, ill miss my coffee machine !!

Ill no longer be making mexican burgers.. ) :

.... or experimenting with meat patties and deep-frying them... ill miss these days.. slightly.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Maybe I'll put this on a shirt.. if i can work out how.

Laura and I... at woodstock..