Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the crap people sell on etsy.com

After all the time I have spent scanning the world of etsy for something worthwhile... I can't help wonder why the hell people sell some of this stuff.. or why the hell people buy it.

I don't even know what this is..

dinosaur paper cut-out..

cup corset?

For $1.50, "Add a realisitic touch to your Dollhouse Kitchen with these carrots. You will recieve 6 handmade carrots all lovingly made by myself. These are not toys, they are designed for Dollhouse Collectors and not children due to small parts etc."

(For $10) "What do you get for the man that has everything?? How about a willy warmer? and what better way to boost his confindence then sid the trouser snake! Great for working outside, playing sports. main part measures 5", i could custom knit one smaller or larger if needed. ties for a snug fit. Great gift idea!"

For $21 "Cover it with this realistic looking T.P. cover Now you can display your T.P. and keep it dust free in the bath. Keeps it totally within reach right there on the toilet lid, no more sitting there care free only to notice there is no T.P. on the roll. No more searching under the cabinets, easy!"

For $21, "Paper Mache Ring - It has the appearance of a tree bark, I painted it in antique gold.
The ring size is about 4 - 4 1/2 US
The height is approx. 13 mm / 1/2"
Lightweight (3 g) but sturdy.

for $3000, "Enjoy this carefully handcrafted and very detailed piece. The inspiration was to show the relationship between the life of the artist and where his pieces were created, in contrast to where his art is displayed.The exterior of this old building was minimally renovated, and keeps true to its original form.The gallery has a contemporary feel and represents a modern day art gallery. The upper floor is the space were art is born, a representation of the artist. The canvas in the corner is a self portrait. All the furniture is handcrafted and 80% of the accessories are custom creations as well. The art pieces in the gallery are my own originals, except for the canvas of Kandinsky "On White II" which is a replica in his honor. The floor of the gallery is made out of natural travertine and exterior is made out Three Rivers stone.In order to add more realism to the project this display has real lighting which can be turned on with a switch.(like a table lamp) This display took me about 3 months to complete. If you order it now I can produce another in approximately 2 months.Please note that every piece is unique, so it may have some variations...all depends on my inspiration at that moment. "

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

teee shirts

Please check out my shirt designs, I am trying to save money to visit kaloe all the way in Hawaii, and I am so very poor!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a splendid adventure.

The Strokes.. yes, yess.
Julian is way too cool.

giant tree faces.

grizzly bear continue to amaze me.

raving in a forest of teepees.

The tent of miracles.

Why not have a Dj in the middle of a damn?

Kaloe and i made garbage bag outfits for splendour in the grass.. however it was so rediculously hot that i had to rip it off once we got there.

The poor giant faded prawn of ballina is getting knocked down. what kind of world is this!?

ahh Woodburn. I stop here every time ive driven to queensland.



When Kaloe came to visit i thought it was necessary to take him to the reptile park, i think this was the first time he'd seen a real live owl.

trying to touch the emu.

i think this kangaroo could kill someone..

hello friend.

we like kangaroo.