Saturday, May 22, 2010

phone photos..

Im getting a little sick of driving to tafe.. but i can never get up in time for the train.

This GIANT dragon was sitting outside our illustration room at tafe.. i dont know who made it, but it was amazing. it made my day.

getting distracted in illustration.

Haha.. this manican cracks me up every lesson.

Did this quite a while ago after finding this little scrap of wood. I also discovered that i suck at spray-painting.

We all got together to farewell Georgia with some thai food a few weeks ago, right before she ventured to the cooold cold bathurst.

I spent my week's pay at the finders keepers markets, everything was covered with knitted wool, autum leaves or these lovely little crocheted mushrooms.

I ran into mitch and daniel on my way home, they got to see ross noble.. so jealous.

I also went to check out the medium vinyl artshow at the Hardware Gallery in enmore, i was going to enter this record i painted... until i wrecked it by spraying varnish on it that reacted with the paint.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

avoiding tafe work...

i hope this brightens your day..

..and this...
"come play with us daddy.. forever.. and ever.. and ever."
..reminds me of the shining.
This is possibly the most alike we have ever looked.