Sunday, July 25, 2010

it always starts with the eyes.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hawaiian style.

This past week has been insane, i answered the door to find kaloe, all the way from Maui standing there. I still cant believe he's here. These are a few of the past week's adventures..

visited south kincumber where i found a new friend.... scooters should be illegal!

finally getting to see kaloe skate in person.

found some farm animals in the middle of erina fair?

east gossy.. stupid rain.

Dad decided to welcome kaloe with lamb shanks for dinner.. he actually ate some, i was impressed.

He's never seen sicadas!

only in long jetty..

a long jetty in long jetty.

Kaloe excited to step out into sydney.

my favourite train view.

thankyou to whoever put detergent in the fountain and got it emptied!

tree people

he works at coles.

been getting collaby

snake trail..

spoon bay, fire powered by metho, smores made with cookies, fire kicking boots and the stolen newspapers.

Ive got skill.

experiencing hot chips, chicken salt and schnitzel.

..there shall be more adventures to come!