Monday, April 20, 2009

A friendly squirrel.

Oh, the illustrations are so good! It's full of elves, pixies, owls and dragons. Nothing beats 60's children's books!

The title says it all...
Found these picture books in a new oppshop i discovered with clare.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Its been a fun week.

Baby-faced owl. Need to finish it.

It's still unfinished, but im half-way through painting the owl.

Things got a bit crazy on the dance floor..

Naboo has shiny shiny shoes, and a nice big mug of Canadian Club.

Dance moon girl dance!

Milky joe!
...Googe was drinking gravy from the pot.

Kip was the Crackfox. with syringe fingers and all.

Dancing to "do you love me? are you playing your love games with me?"

Vince, the hitcher, another vince, old greg, & the spirit of jazz.

"look into our eyes you can see the future look into our eyes we can see your soul we will be together everything is good here"
...Mindwashed by the yetis.

The spirit of jazz, the hitcher and Vince Noir!

The Mighty Boosh partay begins!
The Hitcher coming at you!

Someone smashed a bustop. So we danced around on the broken glass for a bit... mm good idea.

Toilets from the FUTURE

Myself, the lovely amy and the lovely clare hanging out on the grass before heading off to the world bar again.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

bored bored boring bored. need sleep

ive been working 4 days in a row, and now its time to get ready for the mighty boosh partay! i am going as milky joe the coconut man from Vince and Howard's coconightmares, and laura & i have been assigned to dress kip as the crackfox.. yaay. Oh and my debit card, liscence and NRMA card all got pinched the other day, someone mustve pick-pocketed me at Hot Damn. So now i have no ID and no liscence to drive my car. Poo Poo Poo. But ive found some left over scraps of wood from my yr 12 artwork, so I've been painting away in my spare time.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Bored.

So I started a painting on this scrap peice of wood i found.

My crappy workspace

One of Mum's paintings, she wants to throw them all out, i dont know why.. weirdo.

Finished the tree in my painting.. next comes the owl.

A few more nights in the Kirribilli house.

Tripping back to the coast. Googe & Alex catching up on many hours of lost sleep.
We managed to visit the 'New Eyes Open' show, find some friends, go to a pub, visit some nice studios, sleep in, fry some eggs, drink some ginger beer, go to Hot Damn, see Mourning Tide, take some photos, have some laughing fits, eat more food and drive all the way home again, in 3 long days. So now it's back to work for me.

Mourning Tide, oh how i love you!

I think this has become our regular photo spot, we pass it everytime we walk
to the station, and always end up getting a photo or two at the bridge.

Amy and our handsome Indian friend, chilling in Kirribilli.

Enjoying the comfort of Amy's Nanna's place in Kirribilli whilst getting
ready for Hot Damn.

I love rain.

Came across some nice art.

After visiting the New Eyes Open show, we made some friends at the pub... i think he's camera shy?

Amy's shoes are far better than mine. In fact, i think they are the best
shoes i've ever seen so far in my life.