Friday, March 27, 2009

Bridezilla at World bar

Amy, Clare and I walked under the harbour bridge on our way to the station,
the night was still young..

Clare and I grew Mustaches while at World Bar.

Our Tropicana cocktail in a teapot. Bought purely for the novelty, although
slightly impractical.

Amy Love and her Pink Floyd teapot.

Tried to fit clare and the moosehead all in the one photo.. but well..

The glorious moose-heads!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eye people from the future.

Unfinished eskimo drawing.

My Grand Canyon wall plate! Found this at Erina St Vinnies,
and it came with a set of matching coasters.

Cool Indian eagle dancers on the grand canion plate.

Painted this ages ago, just found it & put it on my wall.


I added the eyes and the mouth. Did this during the HSC when i
was supposed to be studying.

Bought this sweet record cover when we stopped in Dorigo on Schoolies. We found a huge antique store there and wanted to buy everything.
It's the original soundtrack of the Wizard of Oz, but i just love that the cover has a whole random bunch of people dancing around. It makes no sense. haha.

Found this funny wizard painting at Greenpoint Salvos, my Mum wants me to take
it down cause she thinks its 'evil'. I just love the unicorns in the background ha.

Drew this to put on my Christmas cards last Christmas.. its a copy of a Rob Roskopp design
that I turned into Santa. What a happy fellow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This is the my new favourite thing. Found it in the marvellous collection of tea-cups at
the Greenpoint Salvos. I just cant get over how cool it is. I mean, its covered in pinapples!
Ive realised that im starting to have a collection of old souvenirs that ive found in
oppshops, and one day ill probably have a whole cabinet full of them. I cant help
but buy them. When i get the chance, ill take a photo of the last one i found, a 'grand
canyon wall plate' that comes with a matching set of coasters. Its on my
bedroom wall, oh how i love it.


This has to be my favourite food. I pretty much live off fried eggs and tomato.
I dont know why i love it so much, but i do.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My boring weekend.

A Kingfisher hit our window and died. We found his little body on the driveway.
Laura actaully touched him though... who touches a dead bird?
Bet she caught a disease off it or something.

Look at the poor little pretty thing. Laura want's to keep it and stuff it because its
so pretty.. I had to remind her that she doesnt actaully know how.

After watching 'lords of dogtown' for probably the millionth time,
Pat and I felt like going for a skate. This is him failing his attempt
to do some trick, dont remember what he called it.

And this is me pretending to be Tony Alva in the movie, when he's racing Stacey Paralta.
It really didnt make me go any faster. If anything, it made me nearly fall off.

The sun was setting as we skated down my street. Ahh i love Saratoga.

no comply 09

Googe trying to fit in with the artworks..
these were so good. the detail was amazing.

Another Ben Brown board, these were the only ones i managed to sneak
photos of. i love the eyes.

After the show, amy kirsten and i wandered around wearing hats
and danger tape, all found on a construction site nearby.

Funniest train ride home.. especially for the boy sitting near us all, he was
so freaked out. Amy and i were being 'Bill and Ben the flowerpot men'

Still wrapped in danger tape when we got home.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Summer 2009

Beautiful clear spoon bay. Went with the family for the day,
Dad saw a wobbegong & a huge sting ray. He also got in the corner of all my photos..

Responsible housesitting for Amy's Dad. We drank cheap wine out of bowls.

Laura and I turned 18. We Decided to have a very mature theme,
and told everyone to come dressed as their favourite animal.

(James is the bio illuminescent plankton, Clare is a rainbow parrot,
Laura is an owl, Daniel is a lion, and ben was a kangaroo)

Three of my most musical friends
They will all be famous one day.

This is my friend Michael, he sewed his entire shark suit himself.
I'd have to it was my favourite costume.

Oh i love this couch! Amy looks shiny and metallic.

Amy the spectacular shimmery rainbow buttrefly, and me.. the lion,
with bottle in each hand, i partied through the night.

Parrot, bat/wolf, and butterfly.

Hello there.


Boxing day we went to Wamberal and used the under-water camera i got.
Is it just me or do i look like a mermaid ??


Chilling at Avoca with Amy..
I hate my face in this photo.

My brother Pat & I.
We went jetty jumping nearly everyday.

Umina.. thats probably the closest thing there was to a wave all night.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

before our night out at gee whizz.

head-banging while waiting at lights.

Still headbanging .. extreme headbanging to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.

HIGH FIVE ! ... i get easily distracted with ink.

We've all seen feral cats, but have you seen a feral rabbit? ?
I tried to imagine one, and this is what i came up with.

Still haven't finished this one

A rainy rainy day.

It was a rainy day in saratoga, perfect day to do some art..

Started on this new drawing, but then when I went to finish it later, It didnt look as good anymore.. shouldve left it like this.

Got the worst paper cut in the world! Foam-core gives mean paper cuts!

My room is getting out of control.. (ive only just started washing all my clothes)

So after a relaxing day painting and drawing, we headed off to church in Laura's car.