Saturday, March 14, 2009

An 18th, 19th, Josh Pyke and Cloud Control

Cloud Control.

This is my friend Amy. It was her birthday.

This is my friend Clare.

And this is me..

Driving home to the coast.

When we came out from the gig we met up with Ben and Googe, who had spent the day at Sound Relief, and found themselves some stylish ponchos.

This is my friend Alex, it was also her birthday.

My friend Daniel, and his nice shirt

This is Laura, and she is my twin, but you may have guessed that.

Amy, Naomi (The coolest 12yr-old Ive ever met) and Clare watching Josh Pyke play.

About to leave the house in Kirribilli and make our way to the metro theater.

Alex celebrating her 18th birthday with a nice flask of Whiskey.

The five of us girls getting ready, involving at least 3 hair straighteners.

Clare, and her amazing jacket.

We stayed in Amy's Nanna's house in Kirribilli, this our the view of the harbour.

Found a very old stash of strange liqueurs.

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