Friday, June 26, 2009


There's nothing like a nice big breakfast including eggs, bacon, tomato, mushroom, sausages, toast, french toast, banana, maple syrup, and a nice big mug of coffee on the side. I am so satisfied right now i just want to sit and paint for a few hours, but have to go to work in an hour. Man, the gnostic cafe at woy woy make the best fricking coffee ive ever had. Oh man!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

no parents, no rules.

Ive had such an entertaining week. I finally got the internet back on my computer, cleaned my room and threw out six garbage bags of stuff. Then it was time to celebrate Dan's birthday, eat some gourmet pizza and watch horror movies at mine. Then after a huge breakfast i took myself to Gosford lifeline, bought some wonderful clothes, and then returned home to hang out with some of my most entertaining friends, where we gave eachother tattoos, watched the office, and made this animation:

Thankyou Michael, James, Joe and Zac for such a fun night.

Tattooed a tiny umbrella on my ankle. Not sure whether to add colour yet.

This will be on Zacs arm for the rest of his life ...

Home-made tattoos are always better.



Aunty Rachel.

Father James.

crack addict zac.

special michael.

owlman joe.

And that my friends, is what you call a birthday sandwich.

singing happy birthday.

It was Daniel's 19th birthday on friday, so we all made him a birthday sandwich.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Drawing Party

Hung out with my friends Michael, Joe and James yesterday. We drew all of the marvelous collaborations below, while eating doritos and salsa. No better way to spend a monday afternoon.

couldnt fit this one in the scanner..

The janitor


The wisdom tree

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Was letting my cat inside at 2 am the other day, and looked out to see the thickest fog infront of our house.. so we went frollicking.


Me, trying to see through the fog.

Found some funny frankie magazines i drew on a while ago. I think amy did the one on the left.

Got into bed and saw this stuck on the wall next to me .. thanks kip!

Finally bought the leather jacket i'd saved for, at Cream on King. Pretty much been wearing it 24-7.

started painting my deck the other day.. farewell, ugly checkered speed demons design!

my day off.

It was my day off on friday, so i went into the city with Clare and Dan to go to purple sneakers. They played the best music, and some guy gave me a copy of his band's ep for free! Only to my dissapointment, it really wasnt that good... but it was free! Clare and i arrived home at 6:30 this morning due to stupid trackwork on the train lines, and then i had to go straight to work! Although, if it wasnt for the bus ride, clare and I wouldnt have realised that the velcro coveres on bus seat head-rests can make wonderful booties for cold weather!
P.S. i have a plenty more photos from this week to put up, but I need to get some sleeep.

Wonderful bus seat velcro shoes.

Boys with weak bladders on a train with no toilets....