Saturday, June 20, 2009

no parents, no rules.

Ive had such an entertaining week. I finally got the internet back on my computer, cleaned my room and threw out six garbage bags of stuff. Then it was time to celebrate Dan's birthday, eat some gourmet pizza and watch horror movies at mine. Then after a huge breakfast i took myself to Gosford lifeline, bought some wonderful clothes, and then returned home to hang out with some of my most entertaining friends, where we gave eachother tattoos, watched the office, and made this animation:

Thankyou Michael, James, Joe and Zac for such a fun night.

Tattooed a tiny umbrella on my ankle. Not sure whether to add colour yet.

This will be on Zacs arm for the rest of his life ...

Home-made tattoos are always better.



Aunty Rachel.

Father James.

crack addict zac.

special michael.

owlman joe.

And that my friends, is what you call a birthday sandwich.

singing happy birthday.

It was Daniel's 19th birthday on friday, so we all made him a birthday sandwich.

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