Thursday, March 19, 2009

Summer 2009

Beautiful clear spoon bay. Went with the family for the day,
Dad saw a wobbegong & a huge sting ray. He also got in the corner of all my photos..

Responsible housesitting for Amy's Dad. We drank cheap wine out of bowls.

Laura and I turned 18. We Decided to have a very mature theme,
and told everyone to come dressed as their favourite animal.

(James is the bio illuminescent plankton, Clare is a rainbow parrot,
Laura is an owl, Daniel is a lion, and ben was a kangaroo)

Three of my most musical friends
They will all be famous one day.

This is my friend Michael, he sewed his entire shark suit himself.
I'd have to it was my favourite costume.

Oh i love this couch! Amy looks shiny and metallic.

Amy the spectacular shimmery rainbow buttrefly, and me.. the lion,
with bottle in each hand, i partied through the night.

Parrot, bat/wolf, and butterfly.

Hello there.


Boxing day we went to Wamberal and used the under-water camera i got.
Is it just me or do i look like a mermaid ??


Chilling at Avoca with Amy..
I hate my face in this photo.

My brother Pat & I.
We went jetty jumping nearly everyday.

Umina.. thats probably the closest thing there was to a wave all night.


  1. Haha, that party looked fun. Have you seen Eagle vs. Shark?

  2. thats what i got te idea from ( :
    haha funniest movie
    my friend michael got the idea for the shark costume from it too haha.