Sunday, March 22, 2009

My boring weekend.

A Kingfisher hit our window and died. We found his little body on the driveway.
Laura actaully touched him though... who touches a dead bird?
Bet she caught a disease off it or something.

Look at the poor little pretty thing. Laura want's to keep it and stuff it because its
so pretty.. I had to remind her that she doesnt actaully know how.

After watching 'lords of dogtown' for probably the millionth time,
Pat and I felt like going for a skate. This is him failing his attempt
to do some trick, dont remember what he called it.

And this is me pretending to be Tony Alva in the movie, when he's racing Stacey Paralta.
It really didnt make me go any faster. If anything, it made me nearly fall off.

The sun was setting as we skated down my street. Ahh i love Saratoga.

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