Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eye people from the future.

Unfinished eskimo drawing.

My Grand Canyon wall plate! Found this at Erina St Vinnies,
and it came with a set of matching coasters.

Cool Indian eagle dancers on the grand canion plate.

Painted this ages ago, just found it & put it on my wall.


I added the eyes and the mouth. Did this during the HSC when i
was supposed to be studying.

Bought this sweet record cover when we stopped in Dorigo on Schoolies. We found a huge antique store there and wanted to buy everything.
It's the original soundtrack of the Wizard of Oz, but i just love that the cover has a whole random bunch of people dancing around. It makes no sense. haha.

Found this funny wizard painting at Greenpoint Salvos, my Mum wants me to take
it down cause she thinks its 'evil'. I just love the unicorns in the background ha.

Drew this to put on my Christmas cards last Christmas.. its a copy of a Rob Roskopp design
that I turned into Santa. What a happy fellow.


  1. Wow, I really like the unfinished eskimo drawing so far. Super cute.

  2. thaanks.
    think ill go finish it now actually.