Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a splendid adventure.

The Strokes.. yes, yess.
Julian is way too cool.

giant tree faces.

grizzly bear continue to amaze me.

raving in a forest of teepees.

The tent of miracles.

Why not have a Dj in the middle of a damn?

Kaloe and i made garbage bag outfits for splendour in the grass.. however it was so rediculously hot that i had to rip it off once we got there.

The poor giant faded prawn of ballina is getting knocked down. what kind of world is this!?

ahh Woodburn. I stop here every time ive driven to queensland.



When Kaloe came to visit i thought it was necessary to take him to the reptile park, i think this was the first time he'd seen a real live owl.

trying to touch the emu.

i think this kangaroo could kill someone..

hello friend.

we like kangaroo.

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