Sunday, January 17, 2010

Falls Festival, and Tasmania.

I arrived in Tasmania on christmas day with mitchell and georgia, spent christmas day waiting in a park, stayed at Harry's in Sandy Bay for a few days, went to Festival at Marion Bay, then road-tripped and camped up the coast of Tazzy in Harry's Van where we found a spot called '
Policeman's Point' then after camping we returned home nice and dirty and sunburned with bags and bags of extra clothes to mail home. Tasmanian markets and op shops are far too good to pass up.

Tired, dirty and sunburned.

Freezing in the van. This was about 10pm .. still light!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs counted us into the new year. Karen O wore so many spectacular outfits, and massive eyeballs bounced around the crowd.

Karen O in another outfit.

and camping begins.. this is the spot where a tasmanian devil or some kind of animal licked all the leftovers out of our frying pan in the night.

Welcome to Policeman's Point.

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