Tuesday, July 14, 2009


If you come up with a good name for my mouse and i choose it, ill send you some stickers in the mail!


  1. if a boy, Fievel, from 'an american tail'
    if a girl, Esmerelda from rescuers down under.

    or... squeeky mouse face.
    mr. mousington.
    el mouseycabra
    MC squeekers

  2. amiousamigous.

    Yes, it is slightly changed from the first one. But you miss me. Do it!
    Its more Mexican now, I know you love your mexicans. Dress as them, Drawing them, Having them run crazily around your head.
    Plus i'll go to mexico for you and get photos with a hottie mexican man, all for you. And maybe, just maybe i'll get you a mexican souviner. But, only, only, if it becomes 'amiousamigous'

  3. + its so cute. ooh, i don't get to see it grow up!

  4. haa, MC Squeekers. nice. but so is amiosamigous! i dont know. i need some time to choose.

  5. i have no idea what you should call it, but definately something mexican (spanish).. like jose lesqueek
    man! that was hopeless!
    and miss amy love, we miss you hellfuck (alot!)

  6. p.s. i think dangermouse would be an awesome name. i love that guy.

  7. I think you should call him "I've been kicked out of home for keeping a mouse and not letting my parents know mouse"

    Love Dad!

  8. thats not even funny laura. get a better sense of humour.

  9. oh wait.. thats from dad??
    what tttheeee

  10. oh my gosh, thats what im naming it!