Thursday, July 2, 2009

The other day i received a lovely surprise in the mail from Kaloe, including some collabs, and some lovely little stickers.

I did this Collaboration with Kaloe Kaaikala, i love the character he drew so much!

One of the stickers from Kaloe, oh man its so good!

laura and googe let me paint their faces..

then kip wanted one too. How pretty!

Thankyou georgia, for turning me into a dragon. I didnt want to wash this off.

Laura is deformed!

Found this sick peice of wood in a junk pile when we went for a skate. Looking forward to painting something on it soon.

My friends are super bad-ass.


  1. hahah the butterflies practice for hannahs face? hahaha
    thats a sweet piece of wood!!
    i found one in my garage (im turning it into a sewing pad) and immediately thought of you. its not big, like 20 cms squared haha, but its a nice piece, and id wreck it so ill give it to you next time i see you, then you can paint me something!! but keep it for yourself. xx

  2. hahaha you should paint something on it! you so wouldnt wreck it.
    and yeah, i thought i should test out these different face paints i have before i paint her face. ha.