Wednesday, May 13, 2009

13th of May.

A couple of practice stickers i made, Dad brought some sticker paper home from work and let me have some. If you'd like one let me know.

Its getting so cold now, ive got 3 rugs on my bed instead of one. I hate winter so much. There is nothing good about it besides buying scarfs as new jeans. Nothing!

Collaborations with Laura and Amy. These things are so fun to do, if you havent done it before i recomend you have a go. Just fold some paper into 3 peices and get 3 differet people to draw different body parts. Hours of fun right there.

Got some roller-blades a few weeks ago at an oppshop, and ive been riding them heaps lately. I forgot how fun these things were!
Such a 90's thing.


  1. Holy crap. Those stickers are so sick. I like the yellow shirt's facial expression.

  2. I also like the collabs, haha.

  3. give me f***ing sticker or ill f*** sh** up c***.
    no but really can i have one?

  4. haha ok ok. oi can you send me your address? cause ive lost it. then i can send it to you in the mail ( :