Monday, May 11, 2009

hate mondays.

Ive been working everyday lately and havent had the chance to put anything new up, so here is two pretty random photos, just for the sake of putting something up.. ive been doing some more art but havent taken photos yet, so ill put some up soon. Have a lovely week!

For the few of you i've told about my dad's skating.. heres photo proof .. haha. here he is skating the bowl at slam .. wearing his many safety pads and helmet.. you can never be too careful. & check out the orginal skates he's had since he was a teenager.. cant beleive they havent broken yet.

Just about to drop in. ha.
I thought i should wear my deerstalker hat to blend in with the strange bogan locals.

So a week or two ago, Dad took my brother and i on an adventure to find this bowl in Sanremo, but when we arrived.. this is what we found. To our dessapointment, council filled it in 2 months ago, because the bogan locals lit too many fires in it... but who fills in a bowl with dirt!
so disapointing..

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