Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some events of the past few weeks.

nicest envelope design.

Last week i received a wonderful package in the mail, from Kaloe Kaaikala, all the way from Hawaii. Check out his art, its so rad: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phokingdragon
These stickers are so good i cant decide what to stick them on!
& notice the mighty boosh character?
Thanks Kaloe!

Its our day job.

The face of a killer!

The other day, i opened the front door, to find my cat misty presenting this poor dead rat at the door. I couldnt beleive my 18 year-old cat dying of cancer, was capable of actually killing something!

Clare and Googe punching the tits of skanks!

My friends are the best.


  1. i got an envelope much like that from deth p. sun. it was so cool that he wrote MY name! haha. i stuck it on my wall.

  2. i want the mexican sticker or the girl with yellow creature hat! please!